Intermediate Group

jd intermediate

STL´s Intermediate Group is the next level in our Junior Development (JD) program for athletes ages 11-14. This program is designed to help our JD athletes progress through a healthy transition into the club's competitive program. Many of our STL athletes in the competitive program are involved in intense training programs to prepare them for Provincial, National, and International competition. This can be an intimidating environment for younger ones and although some may thrive, others unfortunately may end up being turned away from the sport at an early age.

Our intermediate program allows our older JD athletes to continue to learn and improve upon their track & field skills in a similar coaching environment as the JD age group but also starts to integrate these young athletes into our competitive program.

Intermediate athletes will learn a proper competitive warm up working right along side with our older, more experienced and developed athletes. They will have access to our competitive coaches with advanced technical instruction, but will also have a coaching environment that allows them to develop their skills at their own pace without the competitive pressure. They will be introduced to more advanced training programs including: speed/power and strength training, core conditioning, mobility exercises, plyometrics, and exercises to properly train the neuro-muscular system.

Our Intermediate Group will still have the opportunity to learn and train in a wide range of running, throwing, and jumping events, however the coaches will start to assess each athlete for their strengths and likes and guide them toward the events they are best suited for. The coaches will also start to prepare these athletes for larger scale competitions such as Provincial championships. Each athlete will have competition opportunities as they develop both their technical and psychological readiness.

Please contact us for more information regarding seasonal programs and training schedules for intermediate athletes.